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Diamond Automobile Detailer – DAD offers a full spectrum of auto detailing, everything from internal up to external solutions. We aim to provide a worry-free one-stop detailing center that focused on exceptional services with an affordable pricing structure using only certified car care products.

As a member, you don't have to go through the hassle of maintaining your prized possessions or miss the next maintenance schedule. At DAD, we monitor on your behalf and updates you on a timely manner. If you to busy not a problem, we can arrange for an on-site pickup and delivers it anytime and anyplace.


Who trust our work

Among our customers; you will find recognizable worldwide firms, as well as reputable local companies. Our corporate clients list continues to grow and here are just a few:

DAD Achievements 2019

10 Years Experiences

10 Years Experience

DAD was established by 3 innovative automobile enthusiasts, testing the products at their own backyard. They pooled the knowledge, ideas and techniques to launch the business and develop strong partnership with companies throughout Europe.

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2,380+ Car Ceramic Coated

We go the extra mile to deliver the highest calibre detailing services for our clients. We demonstrate professionalism, skill and use our well-equipped detailing studio to meticulously detail more than 2300 cars to showroom standard.

Company Established

5 Years Establishment

The journey of DAD started in the year 2013 after many years of products test and few that meets our required standards and together born our company tagline “Not Everyone Understand The Importance Of Quality”. We share our knowledge and love of car care to offer recommendations, treatments and vehicle packages to deliver first class detailing services.


35+ Corporate Companies

Specialists in bespoke detailing, we have more than 35 corporate clients who have been addicted to our superior quality finish using the right tools, techniques and products to polish, perfect and restore their vehicles.


2,800+ Happy Clients

DAD has track record of over 2800 satisfied customers; we specialise in custom-fit vehicle detailing and provide the top ceramic car coating brand which is recognised globally. We know and understand our customer so well and the service that fits them.


Skilled & Certified Technicians

The team at Diamond Automobile Detailer are fully trained and certified giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands when you leave it with us. Our team is passionate about detailing and committed to delivering excellence.

Our signature solutions

We are committed to delivering top-notch services using only the most reliable products to ensure the finished results not falsely claimed or over-promised. If you understand the importance of quality and cannot compromise on standards, we welcome you to ‘DAD’ family.

Ceramic Coating

1: Ceramic Coating

Diamond Auto Detailer take pride in the fact that by using cutting-edge nanotechnology, we give the best protection to your cars. Our nano-ceramic coating offers prolonged protection keeping the style quotient intact for car exterior and interior surface.

Car Polish

2: Car Polish

Scratches, swirl marks, contaminants from the road and the weather can all take their toll on the appearance of a vehicle. Our exterior detailing services will carefully clean, restore, polish on the outside of your vehicle.

Interior Cleaning

3:Interior Cleaning

Over time, the interior of a vehicle can pick up all kinds of grime, dirt, grease and other contaminants. Our expert technicians will meticulously clean the interior of your vehicle, removing build up and will restore to its former condition, whether it is fabric or leather.


4: Antimicrobial

Our antibacterial system is a combination of technology from Japan and America containing thousands of nano-sized cleaning particles. Kills the bacteria, mold and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort. A certified solution used in hospitals, kindergarden, school busses etc.

Clear Bra

5: Paint Protection Film

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) uses a patented technology to infuse penetrating protection deep into the base urethane film. Our PPF solutions is more conformable, and resistant to yellowing and cracking than any film currently on the market.

Safety Film

6:Window Film

Our tint are designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows, doors and more, preserving an attractive exterior appearance. Our film is engineered for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester that's bonds well on to glass surfaces using approved adhesives.

Auto Glass Repair

7:Auto Glass Repair

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Car Wash

8:Car Wash

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Upholstery Repair

9:Upholstery Repair

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What our clients say

Friendly Service

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Reveik Balasubramaniam

Does a thorough job. Friendly service. Detailed explanation. Cares about their quality of work and will maintain good standards. Will update you on progress. Worth trying and good prices.

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Quality Work

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Desmond Sim

Staff puts in effort to ensure detailing is done meticulously. Quality work from a team who have passion and dedication for the work they do. It shows in the end result. Highly recommended for a total one stop total solution for your detailing needs.

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Thumbs Up

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Peir Jer Cham

Thumbs up to this professional and responsible car detailing provider! I was warmly welcomed the moment I stepped into the workshop and the PIC provided detailed explanation on the whole process professionally. Even came with progressive update along the way. A recommended car detailing centre to get your car pampered!!

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Excellent Service

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Woon Jo Lyn

Opted for the Bactakleen package, excellent service with great attention to details, the car was very clean inside out, with every corner of the car cleaned and sterilized. Cozy air conditioned waiting area while they keep you updated on the progress every now and then.

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The Best

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wilson Yang

One of the best car service I ever had ! The employees are all friendly and yet knowledgable ! Kudosss to them Thanks for pampering my car

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Strongly Recommended

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ah Wai

Strongly recommended for those car lovers..great wetlook and shines,superb after sales service,quality and excellent customer service. will definitely introduce lot of friends to u. it really makes my car super sexy and standout from the rest. anyone who try it will definitely impress with their awesome highest quality of cars detailing,trust me.

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