About - Diamond Automobile Detailer

Who We Are?

Using years of experience, research, and exploring various techniques to achieve perfections; Diamond Automobile Detailer (DAD) established by three innovative automobile enthusiasts. Our approach for better solutions has helped us to transform our interest from car care amateur upstart to as top car care service provider in Malaysia in 6 years. We pooled our knowledge, ideas and techniques to launch our car care business by partnering with top companies throughout Europe, USA and Asia.

The journey of Diamond Automobile Detailer (DAD) started in the year 2013 after many years of products test and few that meets our required standards and together born our company tagline “Not Everyone Understand The Importance Of Quality”. We took the initiative to understand what detailing customers really expected from a detailer and we aimed to share our knowledge and love of car care to offer recommendations, treatments and vehicle packages to deliver first class detailing services.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to provide an advanced detailing service with the best quality products that exceed customer expectations. From a basic treatment, through to the most advanced paintwork correction, we aim to excel in every area of our business.

Our Staff

Our technical team at Diamond Automobile Detailer are fully trained and certified giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands when you leave it with us. The experience of our team combined with our modern facilities and comprehensive toolkit allows us to offer exceptional detailing services to our clients.